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Manufacturing Process

Our process for manufacturing are :
  • Needle Punching
  • Ranging from “Low Stitch Density to High Stitch Density”
  • Thermal Bonding
  • Chemical Bonding

Distinctiveness :
  • Fabric Width Range : 1000 mm (1.0 mtr) to 6500 mm ( 6.5 mtr Highest in India)
  • Gsm Range : 40 gsm to 1000 gsm
  • Fibre Processed : Polyester, Polypropylene,Viscose and Acrylic

Needle punching :
Needled punching depend on the precise action of thousands of barbed needles to physically interlock cross-lapped layers of well blended and carded fibers to create materials with particular properties.

Chemical and Thermal Bonding
  • With chemical bonding, after fibers are processed into a web or fabric, the material is saturated in a chemical bath and then dried and heat-cured.
  • Thermo bonding may be used to further adhere fibers that have been processed into a web or fabric by adding heat and pressure, creating a unique bond throughout the textile.


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