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Products & Applications

Geotextile Landfilling Application, Road, Sub Surface Drainage Systems, Railways, Canal Linings, Flood Protection, Water proofing,etc
Automobile Floor Coverings, Seating Systems, Filters Fabrics, Roof Linings, etc
Carpets Non Woven Wall to Wall Carpets
Shoe Industry Embossed Shoe Linings, Heal Grips, Strobel, etc
Filtration Fabrics Dust collection bags, Air Conditioners, Panel filters, Automobile Air Filters, Filters For Oil Industries, etc.
Garment Industries Shoulder Pad Fabrics, Interlinings, Embroidery Backing, etc
Medical Orthopedic Soft Cast Bandages
Cleaning Fabrics For Mops & Wipes
Other Various other needled punched,thermal bonded and chemical bonded fabrics